Best Strategies and Tips for Online Pokies


People would assume that a simple game concept such is the one seen in slot machines, doesn’t leave too much space to for the creation of strategies and gambling techniques. Little did they know they were wrong as there is more than plenty of strategies for playing pokies online. But let’s not focus on their mistakes but on your success, and dive into this game-changing article.


Finding the Right Server

First thing that you need to work on if your starting to think that you’re out of luck in pokies, is to look for better servers. Some servers are rigged and you won’t know until you’ve tried them. There must be an easier way? Being that trying each server after server might take some time, here is a better solution so you don’t have to spend your youth in search for the perfect pokies server. What you are looking for is the one with a large number of slot machines on it, we’ll explain why is this important, and for a decent startup budget. If you see one that offers less than 400 coins per log in, just leave, erase it from your memory and continue the search.


How to Win Every Time?

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In order to win every time you have to spare a couple of hours for playing online pokies on your favorite app or server, you need to follow these rules. We’ve mentioned before that you’ll need a server with a high number of slots. This is important because of the principle on which every slot machines works. How do you think jackpots are generated? By luck, or chance or perhaps by thinking about it? No, the answer is not magic. Every slot machine works on the same principle regarding jackpots. Every turn is counted by the machine, and as those numbers pile up they get closer to jackpot, where jackpot is a certain number in that count. So if you play on many different slot machines you’ll increase your chances for success exponentially with each slot machines played. Another great advice for playing slot machines is to invest big. You get nothing by playing small, so get those coins in the game.

Find You Favorite

If you really want to be successful and work on your win/loss ration you need to find pokies that you like and play on them. There are many pokies types and you need to pick the one that suits your style of play the most. So first thing’s first, you need to try them all in order to figure out which one you like the most. Once you’ve tried them all and found one that you like, you can start focusing on figuring out how it works and before you know it you’ll know how it breathes and start to win more often.


Best Online Pokies Servers

The best ones are kept like closely held secrets amongst top players, and for you to find out which ones the best you need to try them all. Look for decent looking ones for starters. So for example if you see one that looks like it was the base of Windows 98 bios system, close that tab, back up from your computer and start thinking about how you got to that page. Keep searching and soon enough you’ll get a list of your favorite pokies servers.

Gambling Rules Explained as To a Five-Year-Old


Gambling concept is appealing, no doubt about it, but sometimes the rules can be a bit confusing for specific games. There are many combinations and situations how a match could end, so it’s only reasonable that the rules cover every single outcome of a match. Due to increasing popularity of our favorite gambling games, we’ve decided to explain the rules of some games in simpler terms. If this is what you’ve been looking for then pay close attention, or get a pen, paper and start writing down.


Blackjack Rules

Starting from my favorite game, let’s explain how blackjack is played. It’s quite simple really, all you need to do is build your deck of cards so that it’s as close to 21 as possible. At the start of a match you’ll get two cards, the same as your dealer and the rest of the players. After every turn you’ll get a change to either pass or to “get hit”, by another card that is. Dealer’s cards are hidden except one card that is faced up, this way you’ll get a hint of where he’s at but never the full picture. As you add card, and get closer to 21, so does other players. The goal is to be as close to 21, get 21 and don’t get overboard and go past number 21.

Poker Rules

Depending on which poker we are talking about, poker rules may vary. But the concept is pretty much the same for most of them. As the match starts each player is given two cards, including the dealer. In the first turn, two cards are also places but this time on the table. As the game progresses, other cards are added to the deck and players get the chance to call, increase the wager, or fold. The goal is to get your cards, in combination to any other three on the table, to form a specific combination-either three of a kind, four of a kind, royal flush, etc.


Roulette Rules

Roulette rules might be the easiest ones to remember. The game concept is pretty simple. Before the game stars each player bets against the house, picking either a color, number or range or numbers. At the beginning of the match, players add coins to their bet and the roulette is spun. The ball starts jumping of the roulette surface that’s spinning until the moment it eventually stops. The momentum of the force makes the ball jump a bit longer as it finds a place to land. The winner is a player that correctly speculated the destination where ball finally lands. Congratulations, you’re now eligible to spend your money on roulette!

Basic Rules of Blackjack

History of Slot Machines



Slot machines, puggy’s, pokies, the slots, or simply slot are gambling machines with a pretty simple concept. They are the backbone of every casino as they generate roughly 70 percent of every casino’s income. You’ve seen them on movies and know how they work- press a button or pull the lever, enter your coin, and see how lucky you are. But what is less familiar about these one-armed-bandits (another, older slang for slot machines) is how they came to be. If you want to know who invented them, as well as how they came to be so popular you’ll have to read the rest of this article.

First Concept to Appear.

Little is known about the full name of its inventor, as wherever the record shows invention of slot machines, certain Sittman and Pitt of Brooklyn, New York, are mentioned. Nevertheless, their invention soon became to be something that every bar in 1891 had to possess. The concept was rather different that the one we see today with modern slot machines. Their slot machine was comprised of a set of drums that held some cards, 50 to be exact. Patron of the establishment would insert a nickel and hope for a winning poker combination to appear. Being that poker was widely known by then and quite popular as well, everyone knew the rules. As a reward, a player would get a drink on the house or anything else that the establishment had to offer. So the biggest difference was that back then people would get merchandise instead of money as a reward. But what’s the fun in that? Society was a bit different back then and didn’t think solely about money. As technology advances, slot machines evolved into what we see today. Regarding the term one-armed-bandit, it was thought of due to the fact that players often lost a huge amount of money as if they were robbed, and also because models that were seen in the old days had a lever on the side that player would pull.


Same Winning chances?

Due to the popularity of slot machines back then, establishments that owned one were losing too much on drinks, cigarettes, and merchandise that they had on the offer as a prize. That’s why they had to change a couple of things in the early concept of slot machines. Because, to win, players would have to get any poker winning the hand. The most frequent one was a royal flush, so they decided to simply remove two cards from a deck: ten of spades and jack of hearts. After they’ve removed it, the chances of winning were considerably diminished. By 1895 Charles Fey of San Francisco thought of a way to improve a slot machine making it into what we have now in casinos. Instead of merchandise, people would get money as a reward, and instead of poker cards, there would be three rows with each line consisting of popular symbols for that time- a horseshoe, diamond, spade, heart, and a Liberty Bell symbol.