What Exactly Are Pokies?

You’ve probably heard plenty of times about pokies but aren’t quite sure what is considered by this term. Is it poker, roulette, or gambling in general? Pokies is an Australian term for slot machines. Not poker, not roulette, specifically slot machines. But why is it called pokies? It originated from Australia and got popular throughout the world and accepted as a slang for slot machines in general. It is only natural that a slang from one country gets popularized that quickly as Australia is a country with highest number of slot machine players. Over 80 percent of adults is involved in some kind of gambling and they conduct it on a regular, daily, basis. So being that Australia is number one country with highest number of citizens that enjoy gambling every slot machine is called pokie or sometimes puggy. So next time you’re in Australia and get the urge to test your luck on a slot machine, just ask anyone at a local bar for a puggy, good-o bloke?